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I am Maria and I’m from Bulgaria. If you read this, well you are one of those broad-minded people who loves creative and inspiring things in life. Like me. I am finansier, but I am an artist in my soul. The art has always been part of me. Music is my childhood. I love horses and meetings with wind :) But you stop. I want to tell you something. Some time ago I saw a clip in you tube how to make carving candles and I was impressed by the beautiful  baroque forms. I decided to try and when I touched the carving art for the first time, I was out of breath. I was as enchanted. And this feeling changed my life forever. I fell in love with the carving and the light of the Venetian candles. That light that unites the Baroque concerts, the Venetian carnivals and the Roman aristocrats with our time. To feel warmth in my hands, to create  colorful shapes, to merge with the creative process - this makes me feel closer to God.  

Sometimes is very important and really necessary to step back and rethink the priorities in your life. Find out what your mission is. Because only when you take care of your soul, you will be able to take care of others. My mission is to spread this art in Bulgaria. Which is yours?

I think if man wants to take care of his own soul, he just has to light up the light inside himself.

 But to radiate more inner light, it has to communicate with people who see it. That's why I like to surround myself with people who see my internal light.

These candles are unique, because they are hand-made. Beauty is part of my work and I want to give it to you.

You can look at my candles here:


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you can watch my videos and find out how to make carving candles, read interesting articles and news about upcoming events. I love communicating with positive  people, because they give a colour to life. Essentially.

So, I'm glad to be part of my world.

Maria Argirova

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